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Web-based story collections

Andrew Lang colour fairy books.


Sur la Lune   1660 fairy tales and 40 e-books of stories


D.L. Ashliman's site for folk tales - he lists them under themes so that you get 15 variants of Cinderella, or folktales that have "abduction by aliens”.


Stav Academic Library  -   has a mixture of folk tales and historical papers.


Theoi Greek Mythology    - website for classical myths.


Chest of Books  - another useful collection of out of print folk tale and fairy tale books that you can download.


Forgotten Books

     - another source of free downloadable books (which is also a print on demand company which will sell you a paper copy).

Folklore & Mythology Resource Guide

   an excellent collection of story resources

Palestinian Arab Folktales

forty-five splendid Palestinian Arab folktales

World of Tales

Another wonderful collection of Tales

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