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Storyteller: Traditional Tales to read, tell and write

Pie Corbett

Storyteller: Traditional Tales to read, tell and write


'Read the stories from ""Dragonory and Other Stories for 7-9 Year Olds"" (ISBN 9781407100654) then use this teacher resource book of inspiring activities to help children enjoy stories more fully and become storytellers themselves, supporting oral storytelling, reading and writing stories. It also supports Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing

The teacher's notes provides for each story in the anthology:

about the story – explains the origins of the story and where the author came across it, showing stories can come from anywhere!
activities for reading the story and getting to know it well including speaking and listening, reading, writing, drama, art, dance, music, research
techniques for telling it and re-telling it out loud including flowcharts to break the story down into key component parts
From telling to writing – activities that encourage the children to write their own versions.
The CD-ROM contains

Videos of nine of the stories read aloud by professional storytellers Pie Corbett, Xanthe Gresham and Taffy Thomas.
Five tips for Storytelling, videos to help support you in your teaching.'

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